About Us

Welcome to Partners for Youth where we work to empower the community to support our most vulnerable and valuable youth in Lexington.  Our mission is “to promote positive youth development and to prevent juvenile delinquency through collaboration and capacity building.” We live out this mission in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s providing grant support through our Grassroots Allocation Program, distributing educational scholarships and empowerment through our Toyota Scholarship and Neighborhood  Youth Council Programs, or building community collaborations that bring together community partners to support youth in meaningful ways, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our young people.   It’s through these efforts and more that we build relationships and make a difference.






Briana Persley 

Briana Persley became the Executive Director of Partners for Youth in November 2017.  She previously worked as a Crime Victims’ Advocate at the Fayette Commonwealth Attorney’s Office for 15 years and served as the office’s Experienced Based Career Education Site Coordinator (EBCE) for six years.  Teaching and mentoring children and youth has always been her passion, so she became involved with Partners for Youth in 2003 and served on the board until October 2017.  Briana is excited to support the mission of Partners for Youth: “to promote positive youth development and to prevent juvenile delinquency through collaboration and capacity building” by combining her knowledge of community organizations and resources with her experience in the criminal justice system to help give youth the tools they need to be successful now, and in the future. You can contact Briana, at 859-258-3119 or  at bpersley@lexingtonky.gov







Angie Green Hampton

After 30 years of dedicated service to LFUCG’s Park & Recreation, Angie Green Hampton comes to us with a diverse background.  At Parks & Rec, she served in a variety of capacities including Recreation Manager over Community Centers for 13 years prior to her retirement in 2013.  Angie, our Community Partners Director, supports Lexington’s children and youth by establishing meaningful & sustainable partnerships between the city government and community.  She is also heading up our I DO Youth Program List so be sure to send her information on spring break opportunities you’d like included in our spring break edition.  During her free time, Angie enjoys Zumba at Williams Wells Brown Community Center, playing pool, walking her dog at Douglas Park and spending time with her family. You can contact Angie, at 859-258-3108 or at ahampton@lexingtonky.gov

Melinda pic

Melinda Weathers

Melinda Weathers is the Community Partners Coordinator for Cardinal Valley. For the past ten years she worked as a Victim Advocate for the Lexington Police Department, where she was able to help families that had experienced violence and loss, and needed assistance. She was able to help these families navigate the criminal justice system as well as put them in touch with needed resources and community partners. Prior to working at the police department, she was Probation and Parole Officer in both Lexington and Paris, KY. She is eager to bring her experiences and knowledge to Partners for Youth!

She has lived in Lexington for 16 years with her husband, Lawrence Weathers and their three children, Jordan, Ben and Emery. They also have two fur babies, Nala and Finn! In her free time, she loves to read, play games and spend time with her family. She is looking forward to getting to know all the wonderful kids at Partners for Youth!  You can contact Melinda at 859-258-3109 or at mweathers@lexingtonky.gov

Trace pic

Trace Williams

Trace Williams is the Community Partners Coordinator for Gainesway.  He is a Sophomore at the University of Kentucky where he is majoring in Integrated Strategic Communications. He was born in Ashland, Kentucky, but grew up in Lexington.   He has always gone to school in Lexington, and graduated from STEAM Academy in 2016. At the University of Kentucky, he currently serves as the Director of Pop Culture for the UK Student Activities Board, he is the Public Relations Coordinator and Community Service Director for UK’s Chapter of NAACP, and the Creative Video Producer for the Stuckert Career Center.   

He has a passion for youth empowerment and making a positive change, which he hopes to fully experience at Partners for Youth.  He is ready to make meaningful connections and work with the community to bring happiness and wellbeing for everyone! You can Trace at 859-425-2098 or at twilliams2@lexingtonky.gov